Gamified Plastic Collection System

Plastic Bottles are close to worthless for a common man with current structure of the supply chain where an efficient Plastic Collection System is absent. That is the main reason why we find empty plastic bottles in the road rather than a misplaced wallet or even glass bottles.

But it is near to impossible to create monetary value for used plastic bottles as they have no use in a long term Perspective. According to the current system, The only fate of an used plastic bottle is Polluting air after Burning, Polluting Soil after Burring or Polluting water(Ocean and Rivers) when no actions are done regarding Collection.

Environmental awareness and Eco-savior persona are developing in the current and upcoming generations. We find increasing voice towards environmental conservation and protection and it is a major barrier point for most FMCG and Beverage Cooperates to attract the Z-gens as their consumer market.

There have been many efforts to create a Sustainable Plastic Collection System. But if they have Succeeded, We shouldn’t have Plastic Pollution around us. So it is evident that there is room for innovation in the Plastic Collection Domain.

“Modern Problems requires Modern Solutions”

It is clear that Constant Innovation is the only Solution for the never ending Plastic Crisis

Many teams around the world are trying to tackle create the Perfect waste collection system, but the Secrete ingredient is yet to be discovered.

Innovative Plastic Collection System until 2020

3R System (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) has been in peoples vocabulary for a quite long time. Yet Plastic Pollution prevails in our society, this reflects that education is not the Only tool for Behavioral Change.

“Behavioral Change through Positive Feedback Mechanism is an Interesting Psychological approach for a successful waste collection system “

Many innovators and Teams have created some interesting works in this Domain of Positive feedback Mechanism.

While Westerners use the Term “Reverse Vending Machine for Plastics”, South Asians Prefer to call it as “Plastic ATM”; as the final outcome is to pay the user for the plastic bottles they deposit, Plastic ATM is a Catchy name that explains the whole business model to the general public in simple words.

The Current Models of Reverse Vending Machine or Plastic ATM are as follow:

  1. Press “Start”
  2. Insert Bottle(s)
  3. Press “Done”
  4. Reward Proof

It is evident that the above order of processes serves its function well. It’s simple and efficient for some extent. Even though it is easy to use, It is Out-Dated in terms of user experience. This opens the gateway of Possibilities to innovate on how to make the user experience better and enjoyable.

Gamification is the Key!

It is clear that the consumer market is shifting from Millennial to the Z-Gens. With the behavioral pattern of these new Consumer Market, who are Addicts of Small Dopamine Dose. This has created a Short attention span generation who has wants everything new every single time. From their social media feeds to life experiences.

Introducing the World’s First Gamified Reverse Vending Machine for used Plastics Bottles build in Sri Lanka!

Creating behavioral change through positive feedback Mechanism by gamified experience. If you are interested in knowing more feel free to email us

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