Price ur plastic (PuP)

Smart Reverse Vending Machine for Plastic!

Our product is a reverse vending machine for empty plastic bottles. You put your empty plastic bottle, we give you mobile credits and data as reward. Why make trash when you can make cash? Trash no plastic.

With 85% of the machine made up of upcycled materials, we have a pending patent for the technology we use.

Online Professional Service Providing Community

With the Increasing unemployment in our nation, specially in youths; We provide a platform where they can post the professional service they can provide

OUR INNOVATIONS in the building

Refining on Progress....

3D Printer

Sri Lankan made 3D printer which uses upcycled plastic as excursion material!

IoT Team

A dedicated team to work on IoT projects

Uber of Public Transport

A system to track, book seats and many more in the Public Transport!

Interested in the work we are doing?