Plastic waste Collection at your Office!

Has Digital Screens in the sides to use as Marketing Platform at the same time act as a Notice Board too!

Our Products

Gamified Waste Collection System to increase Plastic Collected by Plastic Collectors/Recyclers and reward  users who follow proper waste management practices

Office Machine

Collects Plastic bottles at the office space also has Digital panels on both sides which can be a marketing platform at the same time act as Notice Board


Make your normal bin a smart bin! This Solar Powered Device recognize users using phone number while recognize the bottles and send SMS to user with their points details

Mobile App

Want the complete gamified waste collection experience? Leaderboard to Rank, Achievements to unlock and rewards to win! Make Cash when you can Make Cash!

The Office Machine

Your employees and Customers can deposit their used plastics.

The Local Municipal Council or Local Plastic Collectors will Empty the Machine Regularly. The Side Panels can be used for marketing Purposes

Where ?


Price ur Plastic Journey

Started as a University Project

This Machine was recognized as on of the Green Innovation of Sri Lanka in 2018 and essential initiative by University of Moratuwa. Using Surface mapping as the core technological innovation, We have a pending Patent for the Machine

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To reduce the machine cost, in 2019 we build this machine which is Made up of 80% upcycled materials (Yes, it is a CD Rom), this machine recognizes users, Counts Bottles and sends the information to our Cloud for further processing. 

We partnered with Coca Cola in Jaffna International Trade Fair 2020 to run a Pilot Launch to test our technology, Sustainable Business Model and to record the user experience. Read more on the results of the pilot, click here

Minimum Viable Product Launch in University of Jaffna.

Coming Soon!

Find your nearest Collection Point, Get rewarded and Ranked among your friends!

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