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Gamifying the Waste Management experience and Making it fun!

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PuP Smart Bin


S - Specific bottle identification M - Measure the change created A - Accurate data for decision Making R - Reliable outdoor as it is Solar Powered T - Timely update (Real time update)



Single machine which accepts PET bottle, HDPE bottle, FMCG packaging. Placed in strategic locations acts as a Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) solution and a branding channel. Multiple options to redeem rewards such as mobile reload and discount coupons/free samples. 

PuP Mobile App

Mobile Application

Get the complete Gamified Experience! Redeem your Reward for the plastic disposed

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Sustainable Waste Management

Gamification of solid waste management promotes community participation, boosts recycling rates, and fosters environmental awareness. By incentivizing responsible disposal, it encourages behavioral change, making waste reduction a collective, engaging effort and driving sustainable urban living.


A Novel approach for behavioural change in Solid Waste Management

10,000+ Bottles

All bottles collected are sent to recycling

1000+ Users

Users love to use our systems as a choice for responsible plastic waste management

3 Sites Tested

Factory/ Business Setup, School/ Higher Education, Trade Fare / Conference

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